Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011 (Singapore)

THE FRONT LINE WAS A HIGHLIGHT OF THE PLANE FLIGHT: I forgot to mention yesterday that I watched an excellent movie from Korea on the flight from Newark to Singapore. It's called "The Front Line." The film, set in the Korean War, hauntingly captured lots of the elements of World War I--vicious combat, futile taking and re-taking of positions, stubborn commanders, hints of empathy between enemy soldiers.
The director and everyone wrung just about all they could out of the $10 million budget and created a memorable pic. The contrast was embarrassing, when stacked up against the U.S. movie I watched, "Captain America." Talk about getting bang for your buck, or not. I did not like "Captain America" in any way whatsoever. "The Front Line" moved me to tears--twice. I hope it gets an Oscar. There's a chance. It did very well in Korea. It is Korea's official entry for an Academy Award as best foreign-language film.
American rights are in the hands of Well Go USA Entertainment. It plans a January release.

SLINGING SALADS IN SINGAPORE: We had lunch today at a place near Sandy's work called The Salad Shop (which has a Facebook page) and a cute YouTube clip.
They take pains to de-link salads from vegetarianism. Hence, the "salads are for everyone" theme and the message on the staff's T-shirt (shown above):
"for herbivores, carnivores and everything else in-between."
That just about covers it.

MORE ON FOOD--THIS TIME AT GUNTHER'S: Might as well acknowledge right now that food is becoming a big theme for Sandy and me this week. Not surprising. The dining options are many and varied. In the evening, we went to Gunther's on Purvis Street for a managing directors dinner. There were six of us. I couldn't avoid taking a picture, sub rosa, of the evening's specials (above), which were placed next to me. Some were still moving--the Alaskan King Crab could not stop puckering its "lips". I thought I heard it implore "pick me." I did. I noted some of the ones we ate, or considered deeply.
Not pictured is the "cappuccino, white truffle". Delicious, but likely NOT coming to a Dunkin' Donuts near you.

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