Friday, February 11, 2011

Monday, Feb. 7, 2011

A Super Pre-Dawn Search: We awoke early, not knowing if or how we would see the Super Bowl, which had a 7:30 a.m. (approximately) kickoff. A Google/Bling search indicated there might be a showing at a bar called Brewerkz near Clark Quay. We took a taxi at 6:45 to the area, which was deserted and dark. We walked past numerous dark and empty bars and shop houses. We were about to give up when we looked across the river and noticed a large bar with lights and people. Had to be the place. We scuttled over the Read Bridge and, behold, there we found the bar, filled to bursting with football (American) fans. All tables were reserved. But we asked anyway and, evidently, someone had just cancelled. So, Sandy and I got a seat right in front of a TV. We sent a message to Cambridge employee Sarah Boggs who had mentioned last night that she was hoping to find a place to watch the game. She hustled over. (That's Sarah and Sandy and me, at right.) We stayed until about 8:45 (halftime) and enjoyed a full breakfast while watching the Packers build their lead.
One drawback: The telecast featured NO advertisements, however. (We didn't see that spectacular laugh-out-loud Darth Vader commercial until Tuesday night.) We had to leave to meet with an American expat Holly Smith who gave us a driving tour of the city.
The tour was great. Not enough time or space here to get into it, but it really helped us get oriented. We found out the results of the game while getting a tour of the American Club of Singapore. That place had the game showing in three rooms.
Later in the day, we went to the Ministry of Manpower for our working permit. Well, I use the word "working" advisedly (for me, anyway). Sandy gets the work permit. I get something called a "dependant's pass." I'm the lucky one!

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