Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011

A Fine, Fineless, Day: Sandy and I spent Sunday morning quietly. Much of Singapore appears to be shut down because of the New Year's celebration. We bought passes and took our first ride on the Singapore rapid transit system (MRT). We went from nearby Raffles Place to a busy Douby Ghaut station where we changed lines to go out to Hougang. An earnest fellow-rider stayed on the line two extra stops so she could get out and give Sandy some advice about foot care. She thought she spotted a problem. We don't really think there is one, but we did note the woman's earnestness. A bit much, but in keeping with ongoing efforts, I guess, along the "see it, say it" lines. It took a little while, but we found Alvin Tay's building and we joined him, his wife, Stella, and son, Joshua, for a New Year's get-together at 3 p.m. We were the first to arrive. Within about a half hour 15 or so other Cambridge Associates employees showed up. The trip back on the MRT was crisp and quick. This will be a great way to get around. Just follow the rules, which are clearly presented in posters in the station (see photo). I don't think the MRT ever has to worry about either Sandy or me carrying one of those durian fruits on one of the trains, or anywhere for that matter. We are told that lots of durians are sold in Singapore's red-light district (yes, I hear there is one--in Geylang). This "king of fruit" is reputed to enhance, er, performance.

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