Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

FROM OUR SHARP-EYED "MONEY NEVER SLEEPS" DEPT.: I don't want to make too much of this, but I happened to be walking behind a young professional today who carried a fistful--make that THREE--hand-held devices in ONE HAND at ONE TIME (right). I'm sure it was totally rude and invasive of me to snap the photo. But it was a pretty good shot, you have to admit, from a right hand that was casually dangling at hip level. It seemed quite natural to him. He casually switched them back and forth. None of them rang or buzzed in the time we were walking in the same direction. But, seriously, how many cell phones must someone carry? I totally get having NONE. I understand having one, of course. I can grasp having two, too. (Actually, I have two, come to think of it, but I've never carried them in one hand.) But THREE? (Actually, hmmm, I can envision it. I guess FOUR should be the new THREE. Now, THAT would be worthy of a sneaky photograph.)
Upon further review, maybe they weren't phones or communications devices at all. Maybe it's a hand weight disguised as a brace of phones. He's simply working out. (And think of the weight of the watch, too!)

SOME SINGAPOREANS CAN LOOK IN A MIRROR AND CHUCKLE A BIT: On Thursday, a colleague of Sandy's loaned us a DVD of "I Not Stupid" and we watched it that night. It's certainly low-budget; it's definitely high-interest. It tells a tale of three young chums--who have been relegated to the lowest academic category--and their families--who come from widely different economic categories. It brings the tiger-mum notion to the fore--far away from mere Suzuki lessons. It's a good satire on Singaporean society. It might surprise some that it was widely viewed and accepted here. It hit a nerve to some degree and led to some serious re-thinking of how educational procedures and expectations are managed here--in a highly managed society. In addition to criticising Singapore's education policies and some social attitudes, it takes a mighty swing at the KIASU mentality that some say restricts many in Singapore. Yes, Virginia, there is a sense of humor in Singapore.

NOTE: No Singapore Crane Index Limited Economic Indicator for a March 5 (Singapore time) reading. I will be in Australia for a week, starting today. I might be able to find a capable Crane Spotter, but the prospects are dim right now.

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