Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011 (Hong Kong)

IT REALLY DID HURT THE EYES: While on the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong, we spotted a gentleman wearing an indescribable shirt-shorts combination. While it defies description, it could be photographed. You can see it at right.
He looked like a refuge from one of those high-school Clash Days. What's admirable about this is that this gentleman simply did not care what others might think of his choices. He strolled around the plane without a care in the world. I think that's called "self-actualized." As far as I know they let him through immigration and customs.
The fact that he was heading to Hong Kong, one of the great tailoring/bespoke centers means there's a chance he would get some advice at his destination. Of course, Hong Kong has quite a non-conservative fashion side. (I would know, right?)

CRANE WATCHING TO BE SUSPENDED: Those of you looking for investment guidance through the Singapore Crane Index Limited Economic Indicator have to wait a week. I'm sorry to leave crane-watching up in the air like this, but I am in Hong Kong, far from the Tanjong Pagar terminal. However, I did take a photo of the cranes just before we left and saw that THREE CRANES were UP. They are circled in yellow in the photo above. This means that Monday turned into a very busy day at the terminal. No idea what it looks like on Tuesday morning, when I am typing this.

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