Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011 (Hong Kong)

A WELCOME BREAK AT THE CHINA CLUB: Sandy and I were treated in the evening to a delicious dinner at David Tang's China Club, which occupies the top three floors of the old China Bank Building. The art deco appointments, including a wonderful art-glass installation (above), were memorable. So, too, was the food. Our hostess was Elsa Cheng (shown with Sandy at right). She has had a remarkable career in the jewelry business, working for K.S. Sze & Sons since 1972.We made it through with chopsticks only. However, we found the silver ones had less purchase on the food than the replacements, which were nonmetal. Still, we avoided using forks. A small victory.
At lunch, we used forks--at the American Club in Exchange Tower No.2. The occasion was a get-together for graduates of Phillips (Andover) Academy. Sandy--a trustee emerita--spoke about her work and about developments at the school. The lunch was organized by Chien Lee. It led to an engaging discussion (about 15 were present, mostly from the finance/investing sector) about financial trends, opportunities and concerns. A great and talkative group.

THE 'IT TAKES LEATHER BALLS TO PLAY RUGBY' CROWD IS TAKING OVER HONG KONG FOR THE WEEKEND: Hotels are filling up here in Hong Kong. The attraction: the Hong Kong Sevens, the rugby competition that some consider the top annual sporting event in Asia. The co-leaders are New Zealand and England. Somoa is in third place. The Hong Kong teams--men and women--are above. The men are in Pool E (with South Africa). The USA is in Pool B. I'm sure there is a "Group of Death" in this, but I have no idea which one it is.
I do have an idea about a player to watch--20-year-old Declan O'Donell. According to this morning's South China Post, he has "Ferrari-like acceleration, a gravity-defying sidestep and balance and power to burst through tackles." I hope it doesn't end up like the only Ferrari, I'm familiar with, the 1961 250 GT Spyder California--from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."
Part of the promotion included the manufacturing of an extra-large rugby ball, which is about 2.9 meters high, 4.7m long and 2.9m in diameter. It's made of authentic rugby-ball leather and can hold more than 3,300 regulation rugby balls inside. (That's a promotional photo above.)
Sponsors Cathay Pacific will auction the ball to raise money for the Hong Kong Red Cross, which will, in turn use it to help those affected by recent natural disasters in Japan, Yunnan Province in China and Christchurch in New Zealand.
(NOTE: Sandy and I bought tickets for the games for Friday and Saturday. Must find a rule book.)

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