Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011 (Sydney)

WHAT'S IN A NAME? The last name of Herron is not all that rare, but it still prompts a double take--from me, anyway. One of the many ferries plying the waters of Sydney's great harbor is called the "Lady Herron." We spotted it (above) while on our way to the zoo on Sunday. The ferry is named after the wife of Leslie Herron.
The name popped up again when we opened a drawer in our hotel room. It is supposed to provide "effective relief from pain" and is produced under the copyrighted name of HERRON (right). Usually my family and I tend to CAUSE headaches and other pains. Here the name is linked to attempts to MINIMIZE pain. I like that. The company's Web site explains the name in a timeline, beginning with the year 1980:
Euan and Kaye Murdoch start "HERRON Laboratories" from a garage in Salisbury, Brisbane, manufacturing and selling 'Anti-D", a heart-worm product for pets. The name "HERRON" was taken from their home address, Brisbane."
A heart-worm product for pets?????

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