Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 (Sydney)

A VISIT TO SIDNEY IS A WALK IN THE PARK: Sandy and I have tromped and traipsed a bit in Sidney. One of the great strolls is, of course at the waterfront near the Sidney Opera House. (I'm resisting the urge so I can be among the few, the proud--the ones who do NOT include a picture of the SOH in a blog dealing the Sidney.) One of my favorite places was the expansive Hyde Park (above). We couldn't get into the Royal Botanic Gardens because the gates closed at 6:30, but that 's the place with one of the great signs in all Parkdom (right): "Please Walk on the Grass...."

THE ZOO REVISITED: One of the great sights at the zoo on Sunday was an I'm-Gonna-Stick-My-Tongue-Out-At-You-And-I-Dare-You-to-Do-Anything-About-It Tiger (safely behind glass).
One of the great corrections I've read in the New York Times, linked to an article published Aug. 27, 2008, "For a New Political Age, a Self-Made Man":
Correction: September 3, 2008
A picture caption on Thursday with the continuation of an article about Senator Barack Obama’s life and career referred incorrectly to a stick from his grandmother’s village in Kenya that he displays in his office. It is a leopard-beating stick, not a tiger-beating stick. (There are, of course, no tigers in Africa.)
I have italicized the last line for emphasis. The "of course" really nails it down, attitudewise.

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