Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011 (Singapore)

SAIL HO! Sandy and I grabbed a late lunch on the rooftop restaurant (The Lantern) of the Fullerton Bay Hotel this afternoon, killing time before an 11:55 p.m. flight to Seoul. We were intrigued by the sight of some small sailboats skittering around on Marina Bay. It added a welcome touch to the area. We have noticed that the docks seem to vastly outnumber the boats in the bay and adjoining waters. We liked the recreational feel to this.
It turns out that it's part of Boat Asia 2011. The sailboats are Laser Bahias. Unfolding before our eyes was Singapore's FIRST EVER city sailing match race. Even though the setting offered neither characteristic, we each had a DARK 'N' STORMY. We have no idea who won.

ARE THEY CLEANING IT OR PAINTING IT? While gazing at the sailboats on Marina Bay, noticed some work being done on the roof/wall of the lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum across the bay (above and right). It's hard to tell whether it needed a paint job (unlikely) or a good cleaning (more likely). Who knows? Maybe this was another kind of competition, to complement the sailing going on far below. In any case, it's neck-and-neck between the two workers on the right.
Assuming that they were, in fact, cleaning not painting, their timing could be really good--or not. There's a lot more stuff in the air these days, thanks to the winds that are bringing haze (and particulates) from stubborn peatland fires in Sumatra. Whatever they're doing--I really think it's cleaning--the museum needed something.
It was a hot day for this--29 degrees C, feeling like 34 degrees (which converts to 84 and 93 respectively). I wonder if they wish they were sailing.

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