Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 (Melbourne, Sydney, Australia)

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE JOE DIMAGGIO? Coffee-drinking used to be fairly straight-forward (as pitched by Joltin' Joe). There's a lot of coffee drinking going on around here, and it's not that easy to order it. The Aussies (who seem to be putting tea in the rear view mirror) have taken this to a level with which I am not familiar. Here are some terms:
Short black: a shot of expresso in an expresso cup.
Long black: shot of espresso mixed with half a cup of hot water. In other countries, this might be called an "Americano." This is the closest thing to a regular cup of coffee, U.S.-style. For me, a "long black with milk on the side" basically does the trick.
Macchiato: a shot of expresso with a drop of froth.
Flat white: a shot or two of expresso with steamed milk and no froth in a regular cup.
Cafe latte: shot or two of expresso with steamed milk and a touch of foam. (A piccolo latte is a smaller version.
Mocha coffee: a latte mised with cocoa powder.
Cappuccino: a shot or two of expresso, steamed milk and lots of froth.
Iced coffee: a shot or two of expresso mixed with cold milk, ice cream and topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

OH, THE THINGS WE MISSED IN MELBOURNE: We blew in and out of Melbourne really fast. Here's what we did NOT do. We didn't get tickets to see Dr. Zhivago, the Musical. I would like to see how they handled the image of the Russian soldier frozen to his Maxim machine gun in the movie (above). Also, despite heavy promotions in the hotel, we did NOT see what will be a spectacular King Tut, the exhibition. I did take a photo of various athletic arenas, including the Rod Laver stadium and tennis complex, site of the Australian Open (below).

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