Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

SUPER SNORKELING: I think I'm quite over the jet lag. The time-zone lag is another thing entirely. The US-centric news cycle has been derailed. I'm still not used to catching the results of a Syracuse or Cornell basketball or lacrosse game early in the morning. (Today, it was Syracuse-Rutgers.) After checking that, we headed out in the morning for some snorkeling at an island to the south of Langkawi. We took a van to Kuah (above) and then boarded a boat that took us to Palau Payar (right). We swung to the south side, disembarked and spent a couple of hours in the water, treated to a wonderful array of fish and coral (boulder, antler and brain). Some nimble 2-foot sharks (right) got lots of attention. I took the photo from the safety of a walkway. We were told not to worry. We didn't. Fortunately no wise guy began playing the theme song from "Jaws". The swimming was wonderful. The available snorkel area was certainly large enough. The fish of this corner of the Andaman Sea were beautiful. Never noticed the crowd. Too many people, however, were feeding the fish. That can't be good. Especially the Pringles. Especially sour cream and onion- flavored Pringles.

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