Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011 (Singapore)

IT DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT, BUT THE PROCESS REALLY WAS SMOOTH AS SILK: While in Beijing, we bought some pillows and bed coverings at the Yuanhou Silk store. We were at the store on April 13 (The little cocoons at right that we got from the store are NOT going into our luggage; Sandy thinks I threw these away weeks ago. I didn't. Took the photo today. Then I threw them away.)
Anyway, back to the silk store.... We bought some stuff. The store absolutely positively guaranteed the stuff would be at our Winchester home within 40 days. TODAY would be the 40th day. And, guess what? UPS made its first delivery attempt A WEEK AGO. We found out on Friday that UPS had tried delivering the stuff three times and was done. We heard from people at Yuanhou that the shipment might have to be returned. (Sending silk to China has that coals-to-Newcastle feel.)
Well, it turns out that the package can be held in Chelmsford, Mass., until June 2. We can pick it up ourselves. So, the long-distance shipping seems to have worked. The shipping history shows that UPS's shipping process began on May 10. Here's the lineup:
Chek Lap Kok (the site of Hong Kong International Airport) (May 11, 10:40 a.m.)
Anchorage, AK (May 12, 1:10 p.m.)
Ontario, CA (May 12, 10:27 p.m.)
Louisville, KY (May 13, 10:23 a.m.)
Chelmsford, MA (May 15, 6:11 a.m.
Went smoothly until it hit our neighborhood. They did it in less than 40 days. The guarantee, I'm sure, was that they would get it TO our home within 40 days. Getting it INSIDE was not part of the guarantee.

NEXT TIME IN SINGAPORE.... As we prepare to leave, I'm thinking of a few things I'd like to do next time here. My eyes go out to sea. I wish I'd been able to spend a couple of hours on one of those tugboats that wrangle the container ships and help them dock.

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