Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 (Singapore)

MERLION IS FINALLY UNCAGED: After spending a couple of months being cooped up inside a temporary hotel room, Singapore's signature statue, of the mythical Merlion, is returning to the light of day (see March 1 and April 29). During its life as a hotel room, it was fully booked.
On Tuesday workers were peeling away scaffolding. Not sure when the water will spew from the mouth. Glad this happened by the time we left. The statue has been under wraps basically since we got here in February.
Now Marina Bay is back to normal.
Today is our somewhat reluctant getaway day. Our flight leaves Singapore mid-morning, ending a delightful stay.
The Merlion is back in action, and we have left the building.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    Amen to the banana leaves and crazie cabbies. I'm catching up on your last few posts from an internet cafe here in Bali - its our last day before Leeann heads back home and I fly out to Dubai. Hope the rest of the trip worked out well, and that being home isn't too much of a shock. Sad to miss you, but very much enjoyed seeing the city that has been your home the last few months... Marina Bay ceratinaly looks familiar from your pics. Best to Sandy and all - see you later this summer I hope.